The grapes

There is no good wine without good grapes.
For that, the quality of the care taken to grow the vine is essential for producing quality grapes.


The secret to a quality harvest is in large part tied to the quantity of 60Promessegrapes grown. Pruning during the winter months and debudding during vegetative period, from May to August controls yields. Debudding is a process that reduces the number of buds.



Vines are creeping plants which grow quite vigorously. We trim back the shoots in order to manage the canopy of the vine, leaving as large a leaf surface a possible to encourage photosynthesis.

Disease control

Vines, like all plants, are susceptible to various fungal diseases such as mildew and oidium, or insect attacks such as Acadians. In order to combat and control these aggressions, we have put into place a protection plan which respects the environment and is harmless to the consumer. The products we use have been in usage for decades, and are based mainly on copper and sulphor treatments.

The use of wire trellising helps us to reduce the use of doses used during spraying.

Weed removal is carried out mechanically with the use of a plow.

The harvest

The harvest begins at the end of September and is usually finished by 62P1030574mid-October. The grape picking is carried out mechanically.

The grape varieties

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Originating in Spain, this is the main grape variety found in the Rhone. It is found in all the Mediterranean wine growing regions.

Grenache grapes bunches are mid-sized and compact, the skins of the berries are black and fairly thick. The juice is colorless.  This variety is very sensitive to gray rot, but is resistant to oidium. It is also resistant to drought.

Grenache gives best results on dry, rocky slopes.Plan_Cepages2013WP

The wine produced has a high alcohol content and low acidity. The wines tend to age fast. In order to obtain wines for cellaring, it is better to blend Grenache with Syrah or Mourvèdre, or Cinsault for its suppleness.


Specific aromas associated with Grenache are:  berry fruit such as black currants, black cherries, dark chocolate, leather, with earthy, smoky notes on the palate.


Planted traditionally in the Northern region of the côtes du Rhône, plantings of this early ripening variety has expanded across the Mediterranean region.

Syrah’s compact clusters and small oval shaped blue-black berries produce wines with concentrated flavors and significant tannin. The wines are fruity, with a dark purple-black color. Syrah has contributed to the renown of the Hermitage, Cornas ou Côte-Rotie appellations.

It provides a wonderful backbone to Grenache.

Specific aromas: black currant, violet, cedar, cherry jam, pepper, cacao, leather, truffles.



A grape variety found in most Mediterranean growing regions (Bandol, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes de Provence …).
It is susceptible to drought but resistant to downy mildew.
The grape clusters of Mourvèdre are relatively compact, with small black thick-skinned conical shaped berries. Mourvèdre thrives in warm climates as the variety has a tendency to both bud and ripen very late.
It tends to produce rich, tannic wines with good ageing potential.
Mourvèdre compliments the fruity Grenache and elegant Syrah.

Specific aromas: dark red fruit, menthol, preserved lemon, pepper, cacao, game and liquorices.


This variety is present in most of the Southern AOC wine growing regions of France.
The clusters are large and compact, with good size, very juicy berries.
It is a late budding variety, susceptible to gray root and odium.


This black grape, originating in France, is a cross between cabernet sauvignon and black grenache, created in 1961 near Marseillan by French researchers. It is found mainly in the Languedoc region, the Rhone valley and Spain. It produces very small clusters with low yields, resulting in good quality juice. When vinified, it produces very complex, dark colored, intensely perfumed, well balanced wines with supple tannins and good ageing potential.