Two Families United

The end of the Algerian episode and the beginning of the adventure in France:


In 1960, following General de Gaulle’s solemn promise that Algeria would remain in French hands, the two families continued to invest massively in Algeria, planting a 25 hectare orange orchard in En-Naro and real estate investments consisting of 38 apartments in 1961.

The events which followed brought the two families to Château La Borie.

Paul and Robert Margnat, as well as Léon Bories accompanied Emile in his search for a domain to buy in Corsica, Canada, and finally the Rhône valley.

Although it was Paul and Robert who initially discovered the domain, it was Jacques and his children who remained with Emile in 1978 when the three Margnat brothers decided to separate in an amicable agreement, allowing their ten children to pursue other interests unrelated to the wine trade.