1997, the arrival of the current generation

The new generation …

The industrial saga of Paul, Robert & Jacques having ended, thus began a period of diversification in various domains. In 1975, the next generation was between 20 and 35 years of age.

For a while the family invested massively in vineyards in Corsica. One of their creations was the superb domain of Tizzano. However, the vineyard had to be abandoned in the 80s due to the local political climate on the island.

New activities included the chemistry industry, sparkling wine production, accounting, computing, telecommunications, real estate and security.

The generational change was finalised in 1978.

At that time Château La Borie became the property of the Emile Bories and the Jacques Margnat families and their children: Marie-Caroline, Eric, Jérôme.

13JJMAs of this date  (2013), Jérôme and Eric are the sole owners.

Jérôme, a graduate of the University of Changins (Suisse), with a degree in enology, took over the transformation and the administration of Chateau La Borie. Eric holds a degree in math and computer science with an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau).

Eric and Jérôme have invested their energy in the domain after having founded 15ejm10and later sold their start-up Organimar, a very successful communications network business.

Today the widely acclaimed Chateau La Borie wines are recognized for their excellence and receive numerous awards each year.
The brand’s commercial succes is largely due to Josiane Margnat, Jerome’s wife, in her role as Ambassador to Chateau La Borie.

Their children, Pierre & Valentine (Eric), and, Charles-Henri & Alix (Jérôme) have developed careers outside of the Domain, including nuclear science, real estate, human resources and osteopathy. They are all wine enthusiasts and remain very attached to the winery.

To be continued….