1963 / 2013 – 50 years of history…

Recent history
From its purchase by Emile Bories to the present

In 1963 Château La Borie was acquired by its current owners, accompanied by the visionary who made the domain what it is today, Émile Bories.EmileN&BWP640

In June 1963, Émile Bories, returning from a trip to Avignon, learned from his wine buyer that a property he was interested in had just been taken off the market. It was owned by Mr. Robert Lloret and his son-in-law, who had acquired the land in 1952. Emile decided to purchase the property, and Mr. Lloret and his son-in-law accepted Emile’s first offer the very next day, to Emile’s great delight.  The following day he travelled to Marseille and convinced his cousins, the Margnats, to become partners in the new project. Later, another cousin, Léon Bories joined them.

Thus the Bories and Margnat families became owners of the Chateau La Bories, an expansive property of 110 hectares, including 31 hectares of vineyards already planted.

The very first year Émile decided to uproot and replant 17 of the 31 hectares. Over the next 17 years another 40 hectares were planted on land which was won over through hard labor and strong determination.

In the late 1990s and the early 2000s another cycle of vine renewal was undertaken by Eric & Jérôme Margnat.